Mustang Volleyball

This years’ Heppner Mustang Varsity Volleyball Team is young – really young.  They have two seniors, two juniors (though one is out for the year with an injury), five sophomores, and one freshman.  Even though they are young, they are having a great season!  I never played volleyball beyond the 7th grade (I wasn’t coordinated enough 🙂 ), so I never really got into it until four years ago when Emma started playing.  It is one of my favorite sports to watch now, especially if there is a good match-up.  Of course, when Emma is on the floor, I love watching it even more!


This is Natalie, Emma’s best friend, and the junior who is out for the season.  She dislocated her shoulder three times within about a seven month period and had to have surgery.  Luckily for all of us Natalie fans, she will be back for basketball!  Emma’s entire family – Irrigon and Heppner – just love her!  If you ask Reagan or Natalie, either one will tell you they’re best friends.  🙂

More Mustang volleyball this week and through the month!  I can’t wait!

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