Homecoming – Mustang Style

Heppner’s homecoming was only three weeks into the school year, which seemed a little early.  After sitting through nearly the entire football game (Heppner beat Umatilla) in a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt under it, I’m thankful it was early because it was so warm!  Emma and Natalie got ready at Staci’s mom’s house along with the exchange student girls and our friend Sylvia’s daughter, Lily.  We (the mom’s) did hair, make up, and helped girls get ready before the game.  After the game, while the boys were all de-stinking, all we had to do was a few final touch ups before the boys arrived.  I took a few pictures of the footbal game and a couple of the girls getting ready, but mostly I enjoyed the experience.

Emma and her boyfriend, Jordan

The two most gorgeous ladies of the evening.

The Group – Frida, Kata, Emma, Jordan, Donald, Natalie, and Anne.

“Seriously, Mom, do you HAVE to take another picture?”

Dancing the night away.

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