My mom and dad are replacing the casings on their exterior windows.  Before the new casings can be installed, the old ones have to be removed and the windows cleaned up.  My mom said she looked outside the other day and my dad was doing a funny “dance” . . . he would slowly approach the window, spray into it with wasp spray, and then he would do this funny little jig dance away from the window.  She said it was really funny to watch, especially since she couldn’t figure out why my dad was making such a big deal about a couple of little wasp nests.

Then the wasps were all dead and he showed her what the big deal was.

Then they took pictures and sent them to me.

H.O.L.Y. M.O.L.Y!!!

Since he’s allergic to bees, I guess I won’t be embarrassed about my dad’s “funny dance”.  🙂

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