Swim Lesson Finale

Yesterday was the final day of the girls’ swim lessons.  Reagan has finally started to “get it” a little, and when she stops thinking so hard about what she’s trying to she actually does pretty well.  Reagan is not a good multi-tasker.  If you give her directions that include more than a couple of steps, she really only remembers the first one or two.  It finally clicked for me that is probably why she has such a hard time – she c an’t think about more than one thing at a time.  Luckily, though, she is getting better, and I am thrilled with her progress.


Harley and Katelyn had a special project for their last day of swim lessons.  Learning what to do if you fall out of a boat.  The first thing they did was practice turning boats over and swimming to “shore”.  After practicing, their teacher had them put all their clothes back on (luckily we knew ahead of time so they had extras).  Then they had to fall out of the boats fully dressed, strip their clothes, and swim to “shore”.  It was really fun watching them have a good time and “play” not realizing that they were really learning a very important lesson.


This is Seth.  He is our friends Chris and Tracy’s son, and he was in lessons with the girls.

At the end, for fun, they got to row the boats around the lazy river.

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  1. fun! Looking forward to see how far my boys progress this year in their lessons!

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