Feathered Friend

Aaron and I are trying to attract lots of different birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to our property with the landscaping plants we put in as we work on our yard.  We have a huge covey of quail that runs the property, and there is a marshy area just below us that supports red-wing and yellow headed black birds.

In addition to the natural habitat we’ve planted, we put up a bird feeder with three different types of bird food.  After a long time of seeing nothing on it, I happened to walk by the other day and caught this pretty little guy on it.  I believe this is a Goldfinch (if not, though, I”m sure someone will be correcting me).  I wish the enlarged picture was a little better quality, but I was on the deck with my kit (came with the camera) lens.

I haven’t seen any other birds on it yet, but I’m sure we will as time goes by.