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I used to hate our retaining wall – especialy when we first put it in and it was just sand and bricks.  I hated how bland it was.  Now, I love love love it!  We have sedum growing in the cracks along the front, and right now it’s blooming, and it is so pretty.  Eventually, the whole front of the wall will be covered as it spreads.  The Eccinacea (cone flowers) at the top are such a pretty color, and they bloom all summer long.  In front of them are moss roses and some ground cover.  What you can’t see in these pictures are the red and yellow twig dogwood shrubs at each end of the wall.  All these plants do a great job of concealing the second wall behind them.  I love to sit out on our front porch and just enjoy the beauty we have created.


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  1. very pretty! Love the flowers! So cool to see the bird so close to your house!

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