Life {Happens}

and it is {Good}

I have spent a lot of hours the past two months in this very position – or one similar to it.  It is the position of the Sideline Mom watching basketball.  Harley grabbed this picture of me Saturday at Emma’s games at Weston-McEwen.  You can even see my Canon strap around my neck.  I was surprised I didn’t find a picture of myself with my camera up to my face!

Harley and Katelyn’s season came to a close last week; they played their last game of the year on Thursday. They had their end of season party and team pictures on Wednesday.  They played games, ate snacks, and had a gret time.  Their coach, Stormy, was fantastic, and she did a great job this year!  I love this picture of all the girls and their socks.  Stormy got them for the girls, and they wore them at every game.  Harley is *NOT* peeing in a cup – this was a relay game where they had to walk holding a penny between their knees and then drop it into the cup.  Her penny was stuck to the skin on her knee and she was trying to get it to drop into the cup.  FUNNY!  Reagan is leap-frogging in a relay race.  Katelyn had to relay race holding her ankles.  They were all hilarious!


Our friend, Jeannie, runs the CYB program here in Irrigon, and her daughter,  Brenna, was on the girls’ team.  This is Jeannie’s baby, Hunter.  He is ADORBLE!!!

Friday I had to meet with my academic advisor in La Grande.  On our way home, this is what the view coming back down the West side of the mountain.  A giant sea of fog.  It was so beautiful on top of the mountain, and even looking at the fog here was pretty.  The fog was not quite so pretty once you got down into it.

We still have another month of Emma’s basketball, school has started back up for the girls and me, and we have returned to our crazy, busy life, and we LOVE every minute of it!

0 thoughts on “Life {Happens}

  1. Hello from somewhere far, far away.

    I’m an Indonesian who accidentally-on-purpose has ever been to Oregon, going to OSU for several weeks (only, unfortunately.) Such a wonderful place to live. Just wanna stop by to say how I miss my days in Oregon! This blog has brought back into my limited memory all the good things I experienced there in Oregon several years ago. Wish you and your family, esp. your lovely girls, all sweetness and awesomeness of 2010.

    A. Desmonda

  2. I’ve seen that fog before…many miles driven between home and La Grande when I was in college. Totally agree that it looks better at the top of the mountain than when you get to the bottom!

  3. WOW … what a picture of the FOG! 🙂

    And I’m happy to hear your time as a mom on the sidelines has been {good} 🙂

    Have a GREAT day!

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