New Eyes

In our house, Fall brings many routine events – new school clothes, school supplies, immunizations (if needed), and visits to the eye doctor.  Last year when we went, Reagan’s eyesight was diminished, but not enough to require glasses.  She had a complete meltdown in the eye doctor’s office.  Complete meltdown.  This year; however, was a different story – it was time for her to get glasses, and she was ELATED!  Actually all three girlies and I needed new glasses.  So, here we are in all our glasses glory!  Now that I have mine, I’m not completely thrilled with them, but since I rarely wear them, it’s not a big deal.

20091006-001 20091006-002 20091006-003 20090922-005 

I thought I’d include a puppy update, too.  This little guy is the runt, but the others aren’t much bigger – just fatter.  Tod has finally stopped freaking out every time one of the babies squeaks or makes any sort of noise.  Susie is such a good mommy!  She takes great care of those babies!  She has figured out that it’s okay to come out of the kennel for a little bit, and she comes out and rips around the house and yard – like she’s trying to burn off hours and hours of energy in minutes.

20091006-006 20091006-010 20091006-011

It’s been a good couple weeks, and we’re getting back into the swing of normal life now that hunting season is over.  Emma’s volleball is going great, and they celebrated their homecoming last week.  The three little girls have started playing Columbia Youth Volleyball, and they are loving it!  Aaron’s work season has kicked into high gear, and he has been working long, hard hours supervising circles.  I’ve been working – getting ready for homecoming and spirit week.  Last week I started school myself at Eastern Oregon University.  I am nervous about trying to finish my degree while working and running a family, but I am excited to finally get it done.

I am looking forward to the adventures this life is bringing us, and I am looking forward to documenting it.

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