My Fair Ladies

Last week was Morrow County Fair, and all four of our girlies were showing livestock.

Emma was showing pigs for the first time.  Her pigs, Chester and Booty, looked great, and she did a fantastic job!  Harley, Katelyn, and Reagan each were showing lambs for 4-H.  It was the first year for all three of them.  Reagan is enrolled in a 4-H program called Cloverbuds.  They are allowed to do everthing the actual 4-H members do except sell.  Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have any tears from the younger girls at the sale – they were too happy with the money they were earning!  🙂  Emma was okay until she had to watch Chester be loaded up into the slaughter truck – so sad!  I’ll post more as I get all the pictures sorted and edited.  This fair week is definitely going to take several posts!

20090809B-092 20090809B-323 Harley&SugarDaddy Kately&JumpinJackie 20090809B-509

Today was my first “official” day back at work.  While I love the idea of being back into a routine and having a schedule to follow, I really wish we could have had at least one more week of summer break.  I’m sure by the end of the week I’ll be back into the groove and all will be back to normal.


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  1. Those are sweet pictures!
    What awesome girls you have, 4-H is so much work, and so very good for them!
    Excited for Deven to give it a shot this year.

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