Our Girls – Surprise, Surprise!

**Special thanks to Westwinds Nursery – they let me use their grounds for these pictures.

Since we have the deadline of our open house next week, I am FINALLY forcing myself to replace the pictures of our girls in the entryway.  Right now, the picture of Emma is from when she was eleven and Harley and Katelyn’s are from when they were eight.  Fortunately (or unfortunately however you look at it) Reagan’s is pretty up to date – it’s from her birthday 5 months ago.  SO, long story short, we went out to get some pictures of them to update our entry way.

So here they are . . . in age order:

Emma – 14 1/2

Harley – 10 3/4

Katelyn – 10 1/2

Reagan – 7 1/2

And the whole glorious bunch.
Girls_2009-281 Girls_2009-177 Girls_2009-156 

Reagan bought herself these glasses the other day.  “Hollywood” just thinks she’s “all that” now.

Emma took this picture of me at the very end of the day.  Not bad for a 35+ mother of four.  I do have to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Photoshop!


We’re off for the weekend, heading to the mountains camping.  It’s the only weekend we can all go this summer, and I am so looking forward to it.  Have a great weekend!

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