You Can’t Say No To Me . . .

because I’m just too darn cute!


Or so she thinks anyway.

The Principal at IHS has said that phrase many times, “She’s just too darn cute to say ‘no’ to!”, or something similar.  The girls go with me to school in the mornings and then ride the bus from there to their own school, so they hang out in the office for about half an hour every morning.  For the past two years, Reagan has heard Craig say that many many times, and boy howdy has it sunk in!  She asked for something a week or so ago, and when I said no, she regurgitated his words perfectly!

The past month or so has really been a struggle with Miss Reagan.  She has been all out testing boundaries, pushing limits, defying authority, and asserting her independence.  I know it’s just a stage, but boy has it been rough.  My normally sweet (though mischievous), caring, energetic, fun-loving baby girl has turned into a little stinker with a capital “S”!  For now, I will take deep breaths, count to 10, and try not to strangle her before the end of the summer (and we’re only a week into it).

“Just too darn cute”? . . . my foot!  Just try me, little one!

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Say No To Me . . .

  1. she is sweet but even the sweet ones know how to push their mamas to the edge…

    Aside from the little stinker 😉 hope you are having a happy summer!!

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