There’s a Terrorist Cell

in my family . . .

Sure, they look sweet and innocent enough, but let me tell you, behind those sweet smiles, chubby cheeks, and innocent giggles are the well oiled workings of a full-blown terrorist cell better known as the “Baby Boo-Yahs”.  These three operatives have learned to terrorize, manipulate, torture, and tease the five members of the opposing nation (i.e. the three older brothers, Mom, and Dad).


This is Miss Lilian, otherwise known as “The Intimidator”, or “The Ringleader”.  Her best skill is organizing evil plans that leave absolutely no clues as to who formulated the plot to start with – that is until she brags about it days later on Nursery Broadcasts to her followers.  Do you see the evil mechanics working behind her eyes?


This operative is Kendric, also known as “The Brain”.  When he’s not defeating the opposition with his laser-blue eyes, he uses his sharp wit to force his targets into crippling fits of laughter.  He tells his foes to “just adapt” or “that’s just cweepy” to cause them to submit.  Look at those wheels turn . . .


“Madam Poopy-Pants”, aka Kayleigh, is known for filling her diaper and gassing the enemy into submission.  When asked why she doesn’t let anyone know about her situation, she tries to play it off with a simple comment like, “it was keeping me warm.”  Likely excuse!


When The Brain and Madam Poopy-Pants plot together, all hell breaks loose.  Toy boxes explode, older siblings run  in terror, and parents walk around with dazed looks in their eyes.


If you see any of these members of the Terrorist Cell “Baby Boo-Yahs”, turn and run for your life, you may not survive and encounter!

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  1. LOL 🙂 It’s always the cute ones that plot against ya!

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