This Day In History (May 5)

May 5 is a significant day for many reasons.

Carnegie hall held its very first concert with Tchaikovsky as the guest conductor,  Napoleon died while in exile, Christopher Columbus landed on and claimed the island of Jamaica for Spain, and Coco Chanel introduced Channel No. 5.

More importantly, in 1945 this cute little guy was born:


This is my dad.  He’s pretty amazing (and cute).  After finishing high school, he graduated from Purdue, and then continued on to the University of Montana where he earned his PhD.  Teaching at Eastern Oregon University (then called Eastern Oregon State College) was the very first job he got out of college, and he stayed there the remainder of his career.  He’s not amazing just because of his stellar career (which included many accolades, awards, and recognition), he’s amazing because he is such a great dad (and now, grandpa).  He’s kind, patient, and honest.  He’s just “cool”

This is my dad in March with my sister’s youngest three kids.  If only they realize just how lucky they are to have a Papa like him.  Some day they will.


Happy Birthday, Dad!

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