The New Bed

Well, we finally did it.  One of us finally made it to Portland to buy our new bed and nightstands from Ikea.  After my whirlwind trip with Katelyn down and back in one day (by the way, we didn’t even leave Irrigon until 1:00 p.m.), and a rushed trip through Ikea, I can’t wait until I have the chance to go back to Portland to explore Ikea for hours and hours.  I seriously fell in love w ith that store!  I love it!!!

Saturday, Reagan and I put together the night stands, and then Saturday evening, she watched a movie while I put together our new bed.  I can’t believe what a huge change it made in our bedroom!  We love it!  I didn’t have the room put back together yet when I took these pictures, but it just feels so much more like us with the furniture there.  It’s wonderful because with the exception of the cedar chest my dad made for me, all the other furniture in our room has a very dark finish like the new bed.

20090330-075 20090330-077 20090330-076

I like our nightstands because they have storage in them, but I love them because they are on the smaller side and won’t be able to be filled with a bunch of unnecessary junk!

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