It’s Spring!

There are signs of Spring popping up everywhere.  Flowers are growing and blooming, animals are active and abundant, and the days are getting longer.

Spring athletic seasons have started, too.  Baseball, softball, tennis, and track.  I am the assistant coach for Irrigon’s Junior High Track team, and I love it.  We have a great group of kids – they are fantastic, and we couldn’t have handpicked a better group of kids.  They work hard, they push themselves, and they support one another.

For me, aside from watching all our kids at track meets, the best part of track for me, is getting to watch Emma.  This is the first year she has ever participated in track, and she is having a great time.  She did juch a fantastic job, and I was so proud to watch her.  She is a hurdler and a sprinter.  I think if she masters the correct form, she’ll be able to run like the wind!

20090405-125 20090405-126 20090405-127 20090405-1721

I love Spring – the newness, the sun, just everything about it (except the wind).


Have a fabulous week!

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