To answer the very first question I think has probably popped into everyone’s mind – yes, that IS a mouse.  A baby mouse, to be exact.  A baby mouse being held in Aaron’s hand.  And, YES, I did have to take a picture of it because the story is just too unbelievable without the photo proof!

To be quite frank (and a little gross), my car has been smelling odd lately.   Not bad, but definitely not good.  So, today after work and school, Aaron and I were sitting in the car watching Harley & Katelyn’s softball practice.  Tod was with us, and he just kept acting really really weird – bolting from one side of the car to the other, getting out repeatedly, licking the glovebox and dashboard . . .

Wait, what?  Yes, licking the glovebox and dashboard.  We couldn’t figure out what he was doing, so we opened the glovebox.  The chaos was immediate!  Tod went nuts trying to get inside, clawing, digging, and generally tearing the whole thing apart!  We noticed an oil change invoice that had been chewed, and Aaron said it looked just like the papers the mice had gotten to in our trailer duirng hunting season.

Bing. Bing. Bing.  The lightbulbs came on!

I reached in and felt around, and in the little “holes” in the upper part of the glovebox, I felt “stuff”.  You know, soft, torn apart paper “stuff”.  When I grabbed ahold and pulled some out, this little guy fell out with it.  He landed on the door of the glovebox about the same time I hit the ground 10 feet outside the car – I’m still not sure how I got my seatbelt off and opened the door.  I do know I screamed REALLY loud because Harley heard me out on the softball field.  I NORMALLY am not bothered by mice.  Normally.  When they surprise me by falling out of  the glovebox of my car, on the other hand, THEY REALLY BOTHER ME!  I then had such a fit of giggles that I couldn’t stop laughing and I had tears running down my face.  Aaron spent the whole time sitting in the car, keeping Tod from killing the little thing and chuckling at my distress.

20090316-011 20090316-012 20090316-013 20090316-015 20090316-017 20090316-019

All said and done, we found a HUGE nest in the glove box, but only one other baby.  Aaron has gone through it completely and assures me there are no more unwanted tenants, but I might just have to have someone double check that for me.

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  1. I would have screamed until my lungs popped out of my chest! Oh man…that would have been so frightening.
    I did however get the giggles picturing you bolting from the vehicle.

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