Decking The Halls

Our new house is finally starting to feel like a home.  This past weekend, I started working on hanging pictures and organizing the office.  My dad, Tom, and Aaron were finally able to install the counter top and shelving in the office, so I could finally start putting all that stuff away.  Boy does that feel great!

Having pictures on the walls helps it just feel more homey.  I don’t have them all hung yet, but I’m getting there, and I love it!

The Great Room – wildlife pictures, artwork, and paintings.

20090307-175 20090307-173 20090307-174

The long hallway to the girls’ rooms – our wedding picture and pictures from our honeymoon at the Grand Canyon.

20090307-179 20090307-182 20090307-181 20090307-180

The Dining Room – Some Images from one of my favorite phographers.  It is still lacking, and I have other artwork and photos to hang, but it works for now.

20090307-191 20090307-188 20090307-189

The Foyer – our “FAMILY” Collage, and the girls pictures.

20090307-183 20090307-187 20090307-185

Once I get some more work done on the office, I will post those pictures, too.  Right now, it’s too much of a mess to show publicly.  😉

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