Progress – January 12

The progress being made on our house these days is significant, but many times, its not very obvious.

Tom has been busy installing the rest of the baseboard and door casings.  After he installs it, my mom fills the holes with spackle, sands it, and then does the touch up painting.  The trim is really making all the difference in the rooms – like the icing on the cake!

20091211-020 20091211-010 

The girls all have their new bedding in their rooms, and they love it!  Their beds are all set up and made except for Harley’s – we’re going to have to buy her a new bed because hers is toast.  My parents bought it for me in Junior High, so it is over 20 years old.  It has been well used, so I don’t feel too badly about having to get rid of it.  Just a little sad.

Emma’s Bed

Reagan’s Bed

Harley’s Bed

Katelyn’s Bed

Today, my dad and Tom installed the steps on the front porch.  My mom and Carol painted shelving; they painted and painted and painted.

This evening my dad started installing the closet system in the Master Closet (thank goodness!).  It’s going together quickly and rather easily, so probably by tomorrow  night, Aaron and I will have a working closet (or close)!


I love the daily glimpses of progress, and I really love being able to see things being completed.  Tomorrow the drywallers come to do some touch up, Dad and Tom are going to work on the other set of deck steps, and I am sure I will be painting when I get off work.

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