Christmas Eve (Finally!)

Christmas Eve was WONDERFUL!  Aaron and I got up early and moved our couch and a chair so that when our guests came over they didn’t have to sit in lawn chairs anymore.  Moving in has been such a relief.  It’s the final step – the REALITY of this project we’ve been working on.

Early afternoon Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with Aaron’s sister’s family (Megan, Brett, Cade, & Mya) and their dad and step-mom, Mick and Susan.  We all had a great time, and the girls love playing with Cade and new cousin Mya!

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After our first celebration, we all headed up the road to Aaron’s mom and step-dad’s (Tom & Carol) for Christmas with them and Aaron’s step-brother and sisters.  Great food, fun stories, games, and gift exchanges.  It was Emma’s first year participating in the “Chinese Gift Exchange” game, and she had a blast!  Reagan and Cade played behind Grandma’s couch adn put on a puppet show for anyone watching – luckily I had my camera handy.

20081231a-033 20081231a-034 20081231a-047 20081231a-048 20081231a-044 20081231a-039 20081231a-030 

After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed home to get ready for Santa.  The girls opened their traditional one package on Christmas Eve (new pajamas).  Reagan got to open the new “Santa’s Key” I found and put it on the outside of our door so Santa had a way into the house.

20081231a-049 20081231a-059 20081231a-028 20081231a-051 20081231a-053 20081231a-055 20081231a-052 20081231a-060

I have lots more updates to post – it’s amazing what all happens in 20 days without Internet!

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