Christmas Day

Christmas Day was full of more family, fun, and surprises.  Reagan was so happy to find that Santa did, in fact, use the key she left for him, and he left it on the inside of the front door instead of the outside where she had left it for him.  Santa brought Harley and Katelyn each .22 rifles, Reagan a BRAND NEW bike, and Emma a hot pink fuzzy blanket.  He even left goodies in Tod’s stocking for him – a new Green Bay Packers neck scarf and a chew toy. Aaron is a loyal Green Bay fan, but he is also a HUGE Brett Farve fan, so Brett’s trade to the New York Jets was tough, but he’s making it, and he even now has the shirt to prove it.  Little Miss Reagan, or “Hollywood” as I like to call her now, got a new hat and sunglasses and she thinks she’s just the cat’s meow!  After celebrating Christmas as a family IN OUR NEW HOME, we headed to Mick & Susan’s to celebrate with them and Susan’s mom, Marian.

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After all the celebrating was over, we headed home.  While the girls enjoyed all their new toys, Aaron and I worked more on packing up and moving the old house.  We had a great day.

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  1. what a fun day for your family!! So glad you were able to spend it in your new house!!

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