A Great Day for Harley

Remember this picture?  This is what Harley looked like a little less than one year ago.  She had just gotten four brackets on her upper front teeth, and she had had the expander in the roof of her mouth for over four months.  Her front two teeth were so crooked they were turned almost completely sideways, and the two eyeteeth were incredibly crooked, as well.

We went in for her monthly check-up today only to be surprised that her teeth were done moving for this phase of her orthodontia (she has to have full uppers and lowers when the rest of her permanent teeth come in), and very unexpectedly, SHE GOT HER BRACES OFF!  What a great surprise for both of us, I love that I can see her beautiful smile now without the distraction of all the metal in her mouth.  Shannon was very patient, and took Harley’s expander and brackets off all in one piece so she can take them to show and tell Monday.

20090109-010 20090109-011 20090109-012 20090109-019

So, this is my brown-eyed, brace-free girl today, gorgeous smile and all!  Can you tell she was pretty excited to get them off?

20090109-016 20090109-014

She looks beautiful!

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0 thoughts on “A Great Day for Harley

  1. I remember the day that they took my braces off. It was definitely a GREAT day!!

    Wohoo for you Harley!!

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