The Checklist

We’re down to the final work to be done before we can move in.  My dad has generated a list of work to do before moving, and I am sticking it to the front page of this blog so nobody ever has to search for the post with the checklisst on it.  I am sure that as we continue working and marking items off the list, we will find 10 new items for every 1 we complete for a while; however, eventually we will start making headway in this battle and we will start marking off 5 items for every new one we add.  So here’s our “To Do” list, wish us luck completing it: 

Exterior Checklist

These MUST be done before we can move in:

1. Deck

2. Deck Steps

3. Deck Railings (hand rails, balisters, etc.)

5. Pick, Paint, and Install the railing post caps

6. Outside Lights 

These still have to be done, but can be worked on as we get to them:

1. Exterior Paint Siding (will have to wait for the warm Spring weather)

2. Underground Sprinklers 

Interior Checklist

1. Toilets

2. Faucets

3. Bathroom Fixtures

4. Kitchen Countertop

5. Dishwasher

6. Cabinetry Crown Molding

7. All cabinet pulls/knobs

8. Master Bathroom Shower Door

9. Master Closet Organization System

10. Doors

11. Closet Doors

12. Window Trim

13. Laminate Flooring

14. Carpet

15. Baseboard

16. Chair Rail

17. Door Trim

18. Finish Outlet Covers

19. Install Cement Board in Master Shower

20. Tile Master Shower

21. Pantry Shelves

22. Office Desktop/Counter

23. Office Shelving Unit

24. Utility Room Cabinets

25. Utility Sink

26. Water Heater

27. Reverse Osmosis System

28. Garage Door Openers

29. Install Cooktop and Vent

30. Tile Backsplashes

31. Trim Kitchen Island

32. Install Upper Cabinets in Master Bathroom

33. Wire Phone and Cable Jacks

34. Wire panel

35. Install Pendant Lighting

36. Paint Door Casings and Doors

37. Re-paint Master Bedroom.

38. Install plywood base for kitchen countertop

39. Pack Current House

40. Move In

41. Celebrate Christmas in our Dream Home

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