Progress – December 2

Lots and lots little things are complete!  I’m finally beginning to believe that this dream really is a reality and we will be moving in soon!

Mom finished painting all the trim boards today – a total of nearly 1300 linear feet!  They are ready to be installed now.

Dad grouted the girls’ bathroom today.  Now all we have to do to finish it is install the baseboard, toilet, mirrors, vanity, and sinks.  Woo hoo!

20081202-014 20081202-015

Dad also finished installing the tile around our tub.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  I knew my dad was called the “tile man” for a reason, and I’ve seen the tile work he did in their home, but I’ve never really realized how much of a tile ARTIST he really is!  Aaron and I are so impressed, and we are so absolutely thrilled with the way it looks.  The “empty” spot below the window will be filled in with the part of the window trim called the “apron”.  Thank you, Dad, for adding such a beautiful feature to our bathroom when it could have just been plain old square tile.  We both really really appreciate all your hard work.

20081202-001 20081202-002 20081202-007 20081202-01020081202-011

So, to finish our bathroom, we have to install the counter, upper cabinets (2), faucets, sinks, toilet, trim, and the shower tile.

Aaron worked on the back deck again this afternoon, and he’s making great progress, too!

It’s like the story, The Little Engine That Could . . .

       I think we can, I think we can, I think we can, I know we can!

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  1. IT LOOKS GREAT!! When are you going to have an OPEN HO– USE?? I would come 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful!! Glad you are really “feeling” the progress!:)

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