Progress – December 19-21

In all the years my dad has been doing home improvement projects, they have usually ran through winter and the Christmas Season.  Never has he not worn his Santa hat while he was working on those projects.  Until this year building our house.  Not because he’s become Scrooge or anything, but because his Santa hat is packed away in their attic with the rest of their Christmas decorations.  Mom and I were at the Dollar Tree the other day and saw this one, so we decided that for our house project to truly be complete, he needed it.  He’s been Santa Papa ever since!


The last few days without Internet access have been busy ones.  The hot water heater is now hooked up and running.


This is a picture of the west wall of the Mechanical Room.  The small white box on the top left is the tankless water heater.  The blue tank partially cut off in the bottom left corner is our well pressure tank, and the box above it is the control box for the pump.  The gray box sitting on the floor is the water softener.  Behind the water softener is the Reverse Osmosis system – we have it mainly to remove Nitrates from our water.


The Master Bathroom counter & sinks are installed, as are the faucets, fixtures, and mirrors.  The concrete board is installed in the shower so it can be tiled right after Christmas.

20081220-014 20081220-016 20081220-027 20081220-032

The trim is finished in all the rooms except the Dining Room and Great Room.  All the chair rail still needs to be installed.  Once the trim is installed, we have to fill all the nail holes, let the spackle dry, sand them, and then paint them.  Reagan has become an expert spackler-sander-painter in the past few days.  She continues to come to the house with me while the older girls keep up the old house – doing laundry, packing boxes, etc.

20081220-035 20081220-086 20081220-089

The kitchen sink and garbage disposal are now installed.  The sink really is beautiful, and it just looks so nice with our countertop, cupboards, and appliances!

20081220-118 20081220-126 20081220-129 20081220-136

The dishwasher is also installed, which is GREAT!  I still can’t wait to NOT hear this baby run!

20081220-122 20081220-124 20081220-135

Friday, Jason came over and helped Aaron with the laminate floor in the office.  It is a much lighter tone than the rest of the house, but since that room doesn’t have any windows, it will be nice.  The floor turned out beautifully, and it went really quickly!

20081220-084 20081220-092

Also on Friday, the water was turned on to the girls’ bathroom!  That can mean one thing and one thing only . . .  WE HAVE A FUNCTIONING TOILET!  There is nothing nicer than a functioning toilet when you’ve been freezing your tushie off in a honey-house.  Reagan was there when the water was turned on, and she got to do the first “test” flush.  Then she was the first to actually use the toilet – she had been doing the “potty dance” for about 10 minutes just waiting for that toilet to work.  Their faucets are installed and functional, and their mirrors and fixtures are all installed, too.

20081220-096 20081220-100 20081220-102

I still don’t know whether or not I have Internet access at the house or not, but I’m catching a good enough connection here I decided to post these pictures.  I have a lot more to update from today; I hope to have that done tomorrow.

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