Progress – December 18

Hey, guess what’s finished?  The Deck.  I’m not kidding, teasing, or telling a fib in any way – well okay maybe a little one.  Technically its not done because we still need railing and steps, but the decking is done.  Aaron worked really hard today to get it finished, and it looks great!

20081218-001 20081218-003 20081218-012

Tom and Dad finished installing the range top and down-draft vent today.   At first they couldn’t figure out how to get the vent to turn on.  The could get it to raise and lower just fine, but the fan wouldn’t turn on. Finally, they resorted to reading the instructions (novel idea there, guys!  🙂 )  At any rate, after reading the instructions, they realized there is an ON/OFF switch on the side of the vent.  You have to actually turn it on to get it to work.  🙂

20081218-008 20081218-009 20081218-020 20081218-021

The faucet and reverse osmosis drinking tap are both installed on the kitchen sink, and now it can be installed.  Tom learned from his experience with the range, and he’s reading the sink directions.

20081218-004 20081218-006 20081218-013

Lots of nail holes have been filled, and they’re ready to be sanded tomorrow so we can touch up the paint.  The girls’ bathroom vanity hardware is installed.  The two outlets on the island bar are finished.  The neverending list seems to grow and grow and grow, but I know we will overtake it soon and it will shrink and shrink and shrink!

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