Progress – December 14

The interior doors (bedrooms, etc.) are all painted, and ready to hang.  Before they could be hung, though, the hardware had to be put back on.  Katelyn had already helped put hardware back on the doors for her room, so she ran the camera this time. Reagan and Harley got to install the hardware for their doors.  We have a finish carpenter coming Monday and Tuesday to help with some things.  His name is Gabe, and he’s going to hang doors; install baseboard, chair rail, and door trim; and if he still has time, he’ll help out with a few other projects.  Gabe being there is a HUGE help!

20081214-004 20081214-006 20081214-012

Sunday, Dad and Aaron worked on installing the rest of the laminate flooring.  They almost finished the little hallway (by the Master Bedroom), and they finished about half of the dining room.  Monday, Dad and Mom will finish the laminate.  Now, when you walk into the new house, it actually look liek a home instead of some random construction project.  The flooring really made a gigantic difference!

20081214-024 20081214-022 20081214-023

Don’t turn your monitor upside down.   Don’t try to rotate this picture.  It’s not on here wrong.  This is a picture of my dad cutting off one of the metal corner pieces under the sheetrock so he can install laminate around this doorway.  Imagine me standing in the corner of the pantry, looking down at my dad, who has turned himself on his head, watching him cut away the corner with his Dremel.  This really is what it looked like from my point of view.  I watched him do this on a different corner, and when I saw him start towards this corner to do the same thing, I KNEW I had to get a picture of it!  My dad the acrobat!


While everyone else was hard at work at the new house, the girlies and I worked hard at the current house.  It was a closet and dresser purge day for us.  They tried on every single piece of clothing they own, and if it didn’t fit it was packed directly into a box marked “YARD SALE”.  After we finished purging clothes, we packed a few boxes and headed to the property to work.  The pictures of the girls installing the hardware above were taken right after we arrived.

Once we got to the new house, I went right to work, too, and let me tell you, I worked really hard.  I was the cheerleader for the day . . .  “Go, Team, Go!”  As evidenced by the picture below, I was working hard cheering and documenting the home-construction process.  It takes great skill to keep your ankles crossed, hold a wall up with your back, AND take a picture all at the same time.  I’m tellin’ ya, I’m good at my job!  😉


Mr. and Mrs. Moose had to move from their spot on the kitchen countertops, so they are hanging out in the window of the nook for now.  They won’t have to stay there long – important news about that below.  Oh yeah, I think I figured out that they are actually reindeer, but since I already started calling them Mr. & Mrs. Moose, that’s what I’m going to stick with.


The dogs were hard at work today as per their usual.  They supervised the process.  They are such buddies, they are both going to be so lonesome when our house is completely done and Luna moves home with my parents.  Poor puppies!


As of today (Monday, even though this is really yesterday’s update), the laminate is done everwhere except the office, but we have to purchase a couple more boxes before we can finish it.  Gabe hung all the bedroom, closet, and bathroom doors today.  Tomorrow, he’ll finish the doors and start on the trim.  The Master Bathroom sinks are siliconed to the countertop, and they are setting up getting ready to be installed.  The window sill and apron for the Master Bathroom are complete, and are ready to be installed.  The kitchen countertop arrived today!  It will be installed tomorrow, and then Mr. & Mrs. Moose will be able to move back to their original spots.  The countertop is GORGEOUS!  I cannot wait to take pictures of it because that tiny little sample I posted did not do it justice!

Stay tuned for a monumental update tomorrow!

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