Progress – December 13

Today we were able to scratch some items off The Punchlist.  We didn’t get to scratch very many off because there are a bunch of things in progress, but we didn’t add any new ones which is great!

Even though the siding was complete a couple of days ago, I had to post this picture of Tom nailing the very last piece up.  It was a monumental day!  AND, Dad and Tom got it finished just in time – yesterday was FRIGID, and today we have snow (we almost NEVER have snow). 


Today, Tom made the plywood base for the kitchen counter top to sit on, so now we can actually “see” what our kitchen will look like with the counter top installed.  I also brought my plants from home so I could pack up the shelf they were sitting on.  They’re keeping our little Christmas Tree company.

20081213a-008 20081213a-009 20081213a-012

Also today, Tom installed the pendant lights above the island in the kitchen.  They look GREAT!  They are from the same collection as our Dining Room chandelier.

20081213a-011 20081213a-014 20081213a-018

While Tom was busy completing projects Dad, Aaron, and Jason got started laying the laminate flooring!  They completed the long hallway at the girls’ end of the house, and moved on into the Great Room.  Before we quit working for the evening, they had completed from the West wall of the Great Room through the East wall of the Foyer.  I am amazed what a difference the laminate makes – it is GORGEOUS!  Dad thinks they will finish the Great Room and Dining Room for sure Sunday.  The North side of the kitchen has a lot of funny angles and short pieces, so he’s not sure if they’ll get that hallway and the office done today or not (I’m betting they do, if not, they’ll be darn close!).

20081213a-005 20081213a-006 20081213a-010 20081213a-0231

My parents took their BBQ grill home a month or so ago.  When you don’t have a grill to cook on all the time anymore, you improvise.  Last night we had turkey noodle soup, and the office floor became our makeshift kitchen.  Reagan was Nana’s helper, and she did a great job, it was YUMMY!


While the crew was hard at work at the new house, my mother-in-law, Susan, came over to our current house to help me pack.  After a little less than two hours, we were out of boxes and done for a the day!  We got a lot done, and I am so thankful for her help.

20081213b-003 20081213b-005 20081213b-006 20081213b-007

I’m excited to see what progress is made today.

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