Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

This year for her birthday, Emma had a very specific thing she wanted to do.  She wanted to invite a couple friends to go to lunch at Olive Garden, go to a movie, and go shopping at the mall.  Saturday morning, we got up early, drove to Heppner, and picked up her friends Bailey and Larissa.  After lunch at OG, they headed to the theatre to watch Four Christmases, and Reagan and I headed to the mall to hang out and wait for them.

On the way to Tri-Cities, Reagan played photographer and grabbed a few great shots of the three of them together.  Aren’t they just beautiful?


Of course, you can’t take pictures of teenage girls without them “hamming” it up and taking a few silly pictures, too! GORGEOUS!


At lunch, Bailey and Larissa made sure the waiter knew it was Emma’s birthday (much to her dismay), and we all got to watch her squirm while we ate and got closer and closer to being done with our meals and closer and closer to dessert.  She was dreading it, but she was great.


So, the Big Girl is now 14.  It seems so odd that I am old enough to have a 14-year-old, I sure don’t feel like it!  She is growing up so fast (7 inches since last February), and she is such a sweet, fun, loving, young lady.  I am amazed daily at her beauty – inside and out, and I am so thankful that this beautiful gift was given to me 14 years ago.  I love you, Big Girl, and I am so very very proud of you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma! May your next trip around the sun be BRIGHT, SHINING & full of GREAT things!

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