Goliath on the Move

Here and there at the new house, we’ve finally been able to do a little Christmas decorating.  Not a lot, of course, because it’s had to be stuff that won’t get in the way of construction.  I bought a wreath from our niece, Breena, who was selling them for Operation Graduation.  It is now adorning our front door, and it really is lovely with the glass in the background.


Whenever we are in the mountains, Reagan collects pinecones.  Not just a couple, she collects hundreds of tiny (2″ diameter is the biggest) pinecones, and she always wants me to do something with them.  I’ve made a wreath out of them, made birdfeeders (you know dip it in peanut butter and coat with birdseed), and tried to think of other things to do with them.  I finally have a great idea, and I’ll show it to you when I’m all done.  For now, here’s the first step; pinecones sprayed with artificial snow.

20081218-017 20081218-018 20081218-019

When I said “Goliath was on the Move”, I meant it.  We (by we, I mean Aaron and my dad) moved Goliath around to the back deck, put him in his tree stand, and FINALLY moved him into the house.  He fits well in his temporary-permanent residence, and he looks great!  By temporary-permanent, I mean that as we’re working, he’s going to be slid around on the floor a bit, so he’s on a small piece of cardboard.  We are decorating Goliath tomorrow night with all the girls.  I wonder how we’re going to get the star on top . . .

20081218-022 20081218-023 20081218-024 

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3 thoughts on “Goliath on the Move

  1. Goliath looks GREAT!! Can’t wait to see what your creation is with the pine cones!

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