The Dungeon

This is the entrance to the deepest, darkest, nastiest dungeon in all of Eastern Oregon.  It is dry, but it is rough, and dusty, and horrible to be in!  This is the deep, dark pit of our crawlspace, and it is the place my mom spent most of last week.  I thought I would finally post some pictures to show just how hard and miserable working down there really was for her.

floorinsulation-007 floorinsulation-006

Dad came down there long enough to snap a couple pictures . . . .  funny he didn’t stay long . . . .

floorinsulation-0011 floorinsulation-002

This is the view when you first drop down through the hole in the floor.  We had to go through that pony wall and then either right or left – either direction we had to army crawl under the huge HVAC duct to get where we were headed.

floorinsulation-005 floorinsulation-004 

This is just one picture of some of the spider-web of ductwork we had to work around.  This was actually one of the more open areas.


Before we put all the insulation in, Reagan was in the crawlspace playing, and kept talking to Papa through the hole he had drilled in the floor for the stove wiring (about 1″ in diameter), so we had to grab a picture of her.  Little turkey!


Have a great weekend!

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