Progress – November 29

The theme for the day was “tedium”.  While all the changes happening to our home now are awesome and exciting, the process of making those changes can tend to be tedious, repetitive, and mindless.  It always amazes me that on days when we have tasks like this we are so much more worn out than we are on days where we have to work very hard physically and mentally.

Mom was once again painting.  Today she was painting chair rail and door casings.  She completely painted three of the four packages – 60 pieces each 16′ long.  Instead of painting the fourth package right away tomorrow, she will start painting the baseboard – I’ll explain why below.


Jason was there working with Aaron on siding again.  The garage side of the house is now complete and they finished half of the wall on the North side of the family room and Emma & Reagan’s Bedroom.  All that is left are the two wing North walls, three gables, and the siding around the back deck.  It sounds like a lot, but its really not.


Aaron helped put the remainder of the cement board in the Kitchen so we can start tiling it tomorrow.


Aaron and I both had our first lesson in tiling today.  We learned how to install the laminate tiles we purchased for the Mechanical Room and Utility Room.  Aaron worked in the Mechanical Room, and I installed the floor in the Utility Room.  We both finished except for a few little pieces that need to be cut here and there.  We actually have to purchase one more box of tiles before we can finish completely.  The remaining pieces I have to put down will cover the remainder of the entrance to The Dungeon, and then Utility Room will be complete – I actually could have finished tonight, but my hands were killing me! 

20081129-013 20081129-014 20081129-019 20081129-018

The best part about the floor being finished in the Utility Room?  It means the TOILET CAN BE INSTALLED, and we can get rid of that darn Honey House we’ve all been using for the past five months!  That is why Mom will be painting baseboard before she finishes the rest of the chair rail and door casings – it has to be installed before the toilet can be installed.  I guarantee none of us is more excited about the prospect of a real toilet than my parents who have been living in their camp trailer for the duration of this project.  🙂

Remember the cut and paste tile pattern I posted yesterday?  It’s now finished and installed!  Dad finished the diagonal part of our bathroom today, and will complete the straight part of the pattern tomorrow.  Also on tap for tomorrow?  the front surface of the tub, and the tub surround.


20081129-003 20081129-002


Time for a good nights’ rest so we can be back at it tomorrow!

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