Picky, Picky, Picky!

Aaron and I are both very picky about colors and we have very different opinions about colors.  He *hates* red (seriously – I don’t believe hate is too strong of a word) and I *love* red – it’s one of my favorite colors.  I think Aaron would prefer to have all-white walls.  Me?  I want color everywhere!  He likes colors that are relaxing – cool and muted, and I like colors that are alive – vibrant and rich.

You would think that with all these differences that picking the various colors of paint, tile, cabinets, countertops, and other items for the house would have been very difficult.  Amazingly enough, it wasn’t.  He suggested the charcoal with white trim color for the outside, and I was against it at first until I saw a building with that exact color, and I loved it!  The colors for the inside of our home (except the girls’ rooms) are all vibrant and rich, but they are muted.  They please us both.

The problem with being picky is that some times you make a choice, and only after the fact decide against it because it’s just not quite right.  That is the case of our bedroom.  We both love the blue we chose, it is beautiful.  However, we did not purchase the bedding for our bedroom until after we painted, and now we’ve decided the original color just won’t work.  We should have taken a hint from what we made the girls do – pick their bedding and then pick the paint colors for their rooms based on their bedding.

Needless to say, we’ll be re-painting our bedroom based on our new bedroom set because we’re both so darn picky:


We’re thinking to make it a little more light and airy, and we’re definitely going to use two colors instead of just one like it is now:

So, I thought we were done with painting, but due to our own pickiness, we’re not.

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