I am going to state right off the bat – I AM GOING TO COPY SOMEONE OUTRIGHT, SHAMELESSLY, AND WITHOUT REGRET!  The person I am going to copy is Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman.  ... Read More
Betsy is a senior at Irrigon High school this year.  She is an absolutely beautiful young woman – inside and out. Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my po... Read More
Remember I said we chose charcoal gray for the outside of our house?  We painted some siding before putting it up on the vaulted portion of our house, but the rest is still just primed.  So, at the ... Read More
This is the entrance to the deepest, darkest, nastiest dungeon in all of Eastern Oregon.  It is dry, but it is rough, and dusty, and horrible to be in!  This is the deep, dark pit of our crawlspace,... Read More
I wish I had a picture of what she’s been working on so I could show you exactly how hard she’s working, and what she’s working on.  On Saturday, the two of us started installing th... Read More
We’re still here, alive and kicking!  We have been so busy working on the House Construction that I have hardly had time to down load the camera, let alone post what is going on in our lives. ... Read More
After the painting was completed, it was time to start installing “stuff”. The Purswell Pump guys came back to install the pressure tank for our well.  See it, it’s that tiny little... Read More
Well, okay, so maybe we haven’t been painting the town, but we sure have been painting the house!  We are  excited about the colors we’ve chosen, and we love the way the house is looking... Read More
So, this will just be a quickie update of what’s gone on the past month or more at our house construction.  The plumbing is done.  The electricity is done.  The sheetrock is done.  The sidin... Read More