We had our insulation inspection Tuesday afternoon, and we passed!  We don’t have any more inspections now until the final inspection when we get our certificate of occupancy.  How exciting is that?  The sheetrockers showed up Wednesday.  The first crew came in the morning to “load” the house with all the sheets of sheetrock.  They left to go load more jobs, and the hangers showed up.  By the time I got off work Wednesday, they had all but a six walls and the two vaulted celings left to hang.  They finished the hanging and completed the screws Thursday.  Now its time for the clean-up crew and mudders/tapers to show up.


So, let’s take a little walk through the house as you enter from the garage.

Several different views of the great room and kitchen. 


This is the dining room – the entry from the kitchen is to the right.  This little “bump-in”, “nook” area is the other half of the entryway closet.  It’s a special area we built just for the hutch built for my great-grandmother by my great-grandfather.  It was in my parents’ house my whole life, and now it belongs to me.  It is the perfect spot for my hutch, and I can’t wait to put it there!

The entryway (the closet is the opening on the left).

This is the long hallway on the girls’ end of the house.  This is view looking from Harley’s bedroom to the Family Room.

Once the mudders and tapers are done, it will be time to paint!  We have most of the main colors picked out, and I’ll post those combinations soon.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting much brighter, and each of these little milestones helps a great deal.  We are so excited to be getting to the “finishing” stage of this project, and we can’t wait to move into a home that is all our own.

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0 thoughts on “Rocked!

  1. Sweet!! It looks nice and white! A big change from when I was there – and that’s only a week ago.

  2. getting so close to the end!! It looks awesome!! I love that you built a spot for the hutch….very cool!!

    Good luck, you are in the home stretch!!

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