Pink Panther Puked on our House

We passed the plumbing and mechanical inspections, but we had a few changes to make to our wiring before we could pass the electrical inspection.  The inspector gave us the go-ahead to start insulating though because the changes we needed to make could be checked with the insulation in.

We got the garage emptied and insulated right away so we could have it sheetrocked and taped because we needed to be able to store all our cabinets and stuff in there while the house was being sheetrocked.  It took us about two days to insulate it, and it took the sheetrock crew another day to hang, clean-up, and tape it.  They worked VERY fast!


After the garage was taped off, it was time to unload the house of all the “stuff” we had accumulated.  The girls moved that stuff while the rest of us worked on insulating the house.


  Luna discovered that bare insulation was pretty comfy to lie on compared to the bare floor, so she found herself a pillow and supervised.

It seemed like it took forever, and I still haven’t stopped itching but it’s finally done!  It’s amazing what a difference the insulation made in the landscape of our house.  I think in the long run we will be extremely happy we elected to insulate the walls between the bathrooms and bedrooms, and also the walls between the utility room/kitchen and family room/Reagan & Emma’s room.  The noise reduction is completely worth it!


Ta-Da!  The last piece of insulation is done! 

My dad also finished installing all the doors, so now we can stay out of the darn cold wind that tends to blow around here!

The insulation’s done; that means it’s time to sheetrock!

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