All She Wants . . .

for Christmas is her two front teeth . . .

Reagan’s front two upper teeth have been loose off and on for over a month.  They would get loose then stiffen up again and they repeated the process several times.  Finally last night she thought they were loose enough and asked Aaron to pull them.  He couldn’t get the floss tight enough to yank them out, so I gave it a shot.

I got the floss tied on just fine and yanked.  The first tooth came out without a hitch except for one thing – I didn’t warn Reagan and she screamed bloody murder!  Seriously.  It took a lot of time, some ice, and some quality snuggles with her Papa to get her to settle down.  Once she was “over it” she let me take a picture of her new gap.


A little later, after convincing her that it was better for the Tooth Fairy to only make one trip instead of two, promising I would warn her before I did it, and having the ice pack already ready, she let us pull her second one out, as well.

So, after lots of drama, here she is, my baby girl missing both of her front teeth.


I can’t believe how different she looks without them!

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0 thoughts on “All She Wants . . .

  1. OH my goodness – can that little Reagan get any cuter!?!

    Here’s to gettin’ those 2 front teeth by Christmas 🙂

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