Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend for us means camping, hiking, swimming, nature, drives, and hunting.  It always falls during Archery Season, and this year happened to be opening weekend.  We headed to the mountains Friday and spent the whole weekend enjoying each other and nature.

Saturday the girls had a blast in the creek swimming and playing in the water.


They found a bank they could jump off of into a deep pool.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my shutter speed set fast enough so many of these pictures are blurry, but I still love them because the girls are having so much fun.  Reagan started the crew off with a running jump from the bank and a big “thumbs up” when she was done.  Then Harley jumped off the high bank, too.  Emma and Katelyn decided to jump with inner tubes.


Tod still isn’t sure what he thinks of the water, but Emma took him on the innter tube with her and he didn’t seem to mind it too badly.

Sunday was FREEZING cold, but not so cold to make the deer hide.  Aaron was successful filling his buck tag on Sunday, and the girls were there to help us track it and they helped Aaron gut it.  Harley and Katelyn are wanting to hunt, and one of our conditions is that they be able to help gut and clean up any animal they harvest.  They did pretty well, and they only gagged a couple of times.  🙂


It has been a great week back at school for the girls.  They’re really enjoying their classes, and they love being around all their friends again.  I have loved them being back into school because we can get back into a routine and follow a schedule of sorts.

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