To Each Their Own

Each day when we are done working, we take off our toolbelts and put them away – hanging them on temporary nails in studs inside the house.  My mom & I both thought that all our toolbelts hanging together at the end of the day were a grand statement to the work being accomplished and the people doing the work.  The belts are nearly identical in design – many pockets and loops to hold tools, nails, and pencils; however, they are as different as the people who wear them.  Tom’s and my dad’s are full of tools specific to whatever part of the job they are working on, Aaron’s has a little bit of everything in it, and my mom’s and mine carry only the essentials – when we need something additional, we add it, otherwise, we don’t want to pack around the weight.  These toolbelts are working hard this summer and they will continue to work hard through the fall – each in their own way.

Tod is our wild man.  He had an injury to his foot over the weekend, and the vet told us to “keep him quiet and make sure he gets lots of rest.”  Yeah, right – he’s a spaz and there is no keeping him calmed down, no matter what we try.  It’s very obvious his injury is not going to get in his way.  We haven’t had him groomed yet, though he does have an appointment.  In the meantime, he sports a mohawk whenever I can get him to sit still long enough to give it to him.

Like I said, “To Each Their Own.”

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