Another Week Gone

And A LOT has been accomplished!  It was the last full week I had off work, so we worked really hard trying to get a few things buttoned up before I go back to work tomorrow.

We got the start of our driveway (to be finished next week).


We graveled our garage so the concrete guys can come place the floor.


The last 5-10 feet of trench was filled in by my visiting sister, Erika, and her husband, Scotty.  They had stopped by to say hello, not knowing we would put them right to work.  🙂

They had their three oldest boys with them – Benjamin (with the purple hair), Tymek, and Konrad.  I LOVED seeing my nephews, I don’t get to see them near often enough.

And here’s the big one . . .  WE COMPLETED THE ROOF SHEATHING!  Thank goodness we don’t have to get up on that roof at all any more!  I love seeing the actual shape of our house. 


While my dad and Aaron worked on a few final things before we called it a day, I got started painting the fascia and trim.  I will be painting and painting and painting for the next few weeks.

Now that the sheathing is complete, we will have the framing inspection and then we can dry in the house (install the windows & doors).  Then the tedium starts – electrical and plumbing.

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