We’ve Been Framed!

The very first thing I am going to say about framing the walls of our home is that we have GREAT friends!  Over the course of three days, Jason & Yvette Whitbeck, Andrew Timpy, and Danny Young all showed up to help us frame our house!  We would still be framing the exterior walls if it wasn’t for them.  With their help, we are now almost finished with the long interior walls and have only the closets left to frame up.

Thank you to our VERY good friends – we are very grateful for your friendship and help!

One day last week, Mom and I put together a wall, raised it, and nailed it into place all by ourselves.  Afterwards, Mom wrote on it, “In honor of Rosie the Riveter, Chicks Rule!”  Funny.


A sad thing has also happened this week.  Emma finally passed my mom in height.  I’m sad because my Miss Em is growing up so fast, and my mom is sad because now she is no longer taller than all of her grandkids.  🙂

On Friday, Yvette & I spent the day putting together headers.  All the kids helped nail them together at some point, too – even 2-year-old Lexi.

Wall raising is . . . fun??? 



The first interior walls went up Sunday.

The kids all have jobs to do, the older three are responsible for loading 2×4 studs onto the deck of hte house, and then Reagan takes them and stacks them nicely in a pile.


Emma and Harley each helped put together one of the walls of their bedrooms.  They each even ran the nail gun.  Emma wanted to hand-nail some of the nails in her wall, so she did that, as well.  Reagan & Katelyn will be putting together walls this week.



The first pieces of outer sheething went up over the weekend, as well.

We’re off to finish the interior framing and sheething so we’ll be ready for trusses next week.

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all our friends.  You truly are appreciated.

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