The Official Guide to Tool Names

I decided to post a picture of all the tools we’ve been using a lot.  Believe it or not, I have actually heard some of these slang names being used on our jobsite.  I’ll give you a quick run-down below.


The Persuader:  Otherwise known as a Sledge Hammer.  This tool is extremely useful for “encouraging” walls to fit together, pushing a stubborn piece of wood into place, or for removing items placed in the incorrect position (A mistake on our job?  Never!).

The Whacker:  Typically called a hammer, when one is flustered and quickly needs this took, the phrase, “I need my whacker.”, is commonly heard.

The Taker-Outer:  This is the term used when the sun has fried one’s brain beyond the consistency of hard-boiled eggs and you can’t remember even your own name.

The Squisher:  Also known as a clamp.  It squishes stuff together.  We like these a lot.  🙂

The Line-Drawer:  A Chalk Line Tool.  Little blue lines all over the place are the KEY to making sure you actually stick with the engineered plan design of your house.  They are our nemesis, enemy, best friend, and guide.

The Cutter:  This is the tool used to cut off the end of a board AFTER you have nailed it on and only then realized it was too long.

I sincerely hope this guide is helpful to you in the future and you are able to glean some useful bit of knowledge from it.

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  1. This “cracks me up” … thanks for sharing the bits and pieces of your summer… tools, girls, pets, injuries, and a love for this new place you will soon call home!

    Happy Weekend to you friend!

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