On The Job

We’ve all been working  very hard on our new house, even the girls and dogs.  The dogs, Tod and Luna, are GREAT worker dogs.  They come down from the trailers every day and hang out in the shade around the house.  They check up on us frequently to make sure we’re doing our jobs. 


The girls have spent their summer making custom Bratz doll houses out of our scrap wood and extra nails.  Reagan even made monograms for Tod & Luna that new decorate the garden.


What do you do when its HOT HOT HOT and you don’t have a swimsuit?  Why, you go swimming in the buff – we are in the country after all!


This is the first official injury of the job – I knocked a very heavy, large metal stand over on my leg.  It hurt like a son-of-a-gun, but its all part of the process.

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