Flying Trusses

Scratch another HUGE milestone off the to-do list!  We worked really really hard this week (14+ hour days) so we would be ready for the trusses to be delivered Friday.  The truck with the trusses arrived at 7:15 Friday morning, and it was non-stop work until the last truss was set and secured in place.  Now our house looks like a house instead of a box made of wood sitting in a pile of sand.  It is so cool to see the different roof lines and the shape of our home.

Katelyn helped Nana fly a couple trusses, which she really liked.  She wanted the crane to take her for a ride.

One of my dad’s former students, Steve, who is now a general contractor came over for the day to direct the process.  He was AWESOME!  We really enjoyed having not only his expertiese, but his sense of humor, as well.  Thank you for all your help, Steve!

Aaron’s brother, Pat, was back again to help out – thank goodness – my arm was killing me from hammering so much.

Partway through the day, my dad had a bad case of Tetany in his right arm, so he had to sit and take a break (which he completely deserved), and I think that was the only time he sat still enough for me to get a good picture of him.

My honey, nailing away, pretending he doesn’t know I’m taking his picture.

This is Chris.  He is the truck driver/crane operator who delivered the trusses and operated the crane to fly the trusses.  I went to high school in La Grande with him.  We were also on the La Grande Swim Club together.  It was really nice visiting with him after not seeing each other for several years.

If you look closely at this sequence of pictures, you’ll see me taking a ride courtesy of a very heavy truss and a huge gust of wind.  I was flying the truss, and Chris had just gotten it above my head when the crane movement combined with a huge gust of wind took me for a ride.  The first two pictures of the sequence are one right after the other.  It was kind of fun, but nervewracking, as well.


My mom took this picture up through the trusses – I think it just looks cool.

Finally – the completed trusses and roofline.

Now we will be spending a lot of time ptting sheeting on it.

Today, we all took a much needed break.  My parents went to Tri-Citites for the day to relax.  Aaron, the girls, and I just hung around at home doing laundry and relaxing.  Tomorrow we will be back at it, working hard.

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