The Tree

Remember this picture?  It is a beautiful, old catalpa tree at the bottom of our property.  This is Reagan’s tree.  Actually, it’s all of ours’, but Reagan is there all the time.  While we’re building our house, if Reagan goes missing and we can’t find her, all we have to do is look at the tree.  The girls found a rope and tied it to a branch to make a swing.  Grandpa Tom and Aaron got an old tire of Tom’s and rigged up a tire swing for the girls yesterday.  They are in seventh heaven now!

I have never paid attention to the flower blossoms on the tree before.  They are absolutely beautiful, and their smell is wonderful!  I can’t believe I never noticed them before.


I’m thrilled that they’re ours now and I will get to see and smell them every summer.

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  1. We have 3… maybe 4. They’re great… just as long as they aren’t raining flowers and vines into your yard & blowing into your house 🙂

    GREAT shade tree though 🙂

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