Fine! I’ll lie here, but I’m NOT going to sleep!

Yesterday was a rough afternoon at our house. I had a couple crabby girls, so instead of quiet time and reading, I told them they had to take a nap. One of them – who shall remain nameless 🙂 – told me that making her take a nap was stupid because she was NOT tired and she would lie there, but she was NOT going to sleep.

Once I picked up all the hair I had pulled out of my head and took a breather (about 15-20 minutes), this was the site I found when I checked on the girls.

Miss Katelyn
Harley Raisin
Reagan Saige

But of course, they weren’t tired.

0 thoughts on “Fine! I’ll lie here, but I’m NOT going to sleep!

  1. 🙂 Sweet! So been there!
    Love that you took pictures and blogged it!

  2. Aww…the success of a mother knowing when it’s a nap day. Love those days!!

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