I absolutely HATE

being cold, but I absolutely LOVE Winter, so I just deal with being cold! I especially love snow! It is one of the things I miss most about not living in the Grande Ronde Valley anymore ~ we don’t have much snow here.

The girls and I stopped just this side of Meacham on our way home from my parents’ house last weekend just to play in the snow a little bit. It was absolutely beautiful, and the girls had a great time!

Today when I dropped Harley & Reagan off at their dad’s house, I drove further down the road to turn around. In the field next to his house, I found this guy:

Isn’t he SPECTACULAR? I managed to walk to within about 30-40 yards from him to take these pictures. He wasn’t bothered by my presence much at all, he just stood up and watched me. It was really amazing!

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