Deck the Halls

Ok, so no boughs of holly here, but we do have an evergreen swag, a fake wreath, and a bought (rather than self-cut) tree, four happy girls, a clean house, AND snow. Yup, folks, you heard me right.


We all managed to sleep in a little bit today, and then we finished laundry and picked up a bit before we decorated our tree. The girls did a GREAT job decorating the tree (I only moved a few ornaments – and mostly just to thicker branches). Aaron had a nice time watching Green Bay stomp Oakland, and I just enjoyed being at home with my family.

Our little elves:
The finished tree:

Every year we get the girls a new ornament for our tree, and we usually try to make it something special. This year we got them ornaments from Disneyland while we were there this summer. They each have a “princess” ornament of their own with their name and year inside the skirt.

Emma Harley Katelyn Reagan

And, just to prove we did actually have snow, a few pictures from inside the front door. The girls spent the day playing in it until after dark. Emma even built this “baby” snowman. they had a blast!

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0 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. love Sundays at home watching football…just hanging out!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! The elves sure were busy! Looks great!

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