Just a little bit!

Right at this moment, my parents are in Portoferraio, Elba Island, Italy. I’m a little jealous, just a tiny bit. I’m more happy for them. Happy they worked hard to be able to enjoy their retirement traveling and doing things they love to do. Happy they are celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary. Happy they are having a GREAT time.

I am thrilled for them, even if I miss the daily phone conversations with my mom.

Elba Island:
Hotel Villa Ottone:

It’s been a long week, and I can’t wait to see them when they get home in two more weeks!



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0 thoughts on “Jealous?

  1. Aren’t daily conversations with moms the BEST?!
    She’ll be back before you know it… and you’ll both have so much to share 🙂

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