Fair Week Revisited

Wow, what a week! Crazy EARLY mornings getting soaking wet, covered in sheep poo (literally), cleaning out stalls, washing ears, feeding, watering, and walking lambs all so my big girl could show her sheep.

Emma did so AWESOME this year! Her lambs weren’t the top of the class in confirmation (the market quality of the lamb); she placed fourth with both, but she was TOP in my book! I am so proud of her and how hard she worked!

Pepper was the bettter of the two lambs, so she showed him on Friday for Showmanship. She did GREAT! She and Pepper earned Reserve Champion for her class, and returned to compete for the overall Showmanship round.

Emma with Pepper Thursday during confirmation:

And again on Friday during Showmanship:

Emma with Pepper after winning Reserve Champion:

I’m very lucky because my neice, Breena, shows lambs through FFA, so I was able to watch her, too! She did great, too, and it was a lot of fun to watch her!

Breena’s friend, Jasmine; another student at IHS.

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