Magnificent Beast!

I have a friend who told me a secret of where I could see some of the most beautiful wild horses around. I have managed to see them twice now, but only once I was close enough to get decent pictures of them (and the ones I did get weren’t all that good). I have been after these horses for about three years now, playing the waiting game, trying to get close enough to get some images.

I finally did it!

I am amazed at how much this little band of horses is like a herd of elk. The Stallion stood Sentry over his ladies and herded them off, away from danger (me). He turned several times and blew at me, like he was showing how “manly” and “tough” he was. It was AMAZING! I have no words for how I felt; breathless and excited, scared but curious, it was thrilling! It was like I was part of one of Nature’s little secrets, one special moment that would disappear if I took a breath.

The ladies and a foal:
Isn’t he magnificent?
One last look back before he retreated into the trees:

The horse symbolises the primevil forces of chaos, intense desire, swiftness and determination. It recalls the freedom of the wind and the fury of the seas. It was the noble animal sought after by kings, knights and Gods.

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